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A fun afternoon for three young riders near Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


Knowledge is the accumulation of information, wisdom is knowing how to apply that information.                                       There are a lot of people that are educated beyond their understanding.

Wild mustangs on the Little Book Cliffs Range near De Beque, Colorado.





     It has often been said that it's not the big things we do occasionally that make a difference in how things turn out, it's the little things we do every day.   There is probably no aspect of our lives in which this is more true that when we are handling our horses. 


     Over the years I've picked up a few helpful tips I'd like to share with you. Some of these were hard earned from experience, others were kindly given to me from someone who cared; and so I pass them on to you, and hope you will do the same.  Hopefully they will make your journey a little easier, and safer.


Tack Tips:


Tying The Hackamore Rein Wrap