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Horsemanship From the Horse's Perspective


     Have you ever wondered what your horse was thinking?  Have you ever asked yourself, "Why doesn't he listen to me?"  "Why did he do that?"  Have you ever considered he may be asking the same questions?  You are not alone. These are the most frequently asked questions of horse owners and trainers, and rightly so, because they get to the heart of the horse/human relationship.


     Simply put, "Natural Horsemanship" is using the natural instincts and herd behavior of the horse to teach it what we want it to do.  By  approaching the learning process from the horse's perspective we can avoid many of the problems that are inherent in more traditional, confrontational "training" methods.  Every horse handling problem develops from  one of, or a combination of, three elements in the horse/human relationship: Trust, Respect or Communication. Either the horse doesn't trust that he won't get hurt, doesn't care what we are saying, or doesn't understand what is being ask of him.


     By understanding the horse's instinctive nature, and the behavior he learns as a herd member, we can approach the education of the horse from a perspective he understands. This approach not only dramatically accelerates the learning process; it earns us the horse's Trust, instills in the horse Respect for us as herd leader, and develops a line of Communication the horse can easily understand.


     For both partners in the horse/human relationship, TRUST gives them the freedom to act, RESPECT motivates them to act, COMMUNICATION tells them how to act. 


     Join us for an eye opening, heart warming experience with your horse.